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Can anyone help me identify this? Found in Alaska in the norton sound region!

looks like glass to me, Probably an old beer bottle that had been melted down in a campfire… I live close to lake Erie, and find very similar material.

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It is softer than a beach ghilly!!! It’s very weird it not plastic nor glass!!! And two things are stuck inside???

May we have pictures of the surface ?

You may want to know how hard it is to exclude glass.
check the IGS link very easy test.


I have already and did a temperature test and seen the insect inclusions with a microscope…

I heated a needle and scratched it with a steel knife very easily… there is weird insects inside of it as well as seen with a microscope

Also there is no taste to it as well as it has a sweet smell when burned

By all means it is natural green amber!!!

The inclusions are very real as the green amber gem itself is real!!! Probably making it the greenest gem with insect inclusions am I right?