Can any one help me to identify this stone

some one told me it green garnet is that is true

possibly green fluorite

It does look an awful lot like Fluorite. The color and clarity is nice.
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The crystal habit is Cubic so that rules out peridot which is orthorhombic. Due to the yellowish Green color, my impression is that you have an Andradite Demantoid Garnet specimen. If you can get an SG it would be around 3.84 … look for horsetail inclusions with your loupe. The crystals should be Inert to UV LW & SW light exposure. I’m attaching a photo of a known Demantoid Garnet Specimen for you to compare yours to. I’d like to have a couple to cut into round brilliants!! Enjoy the photo and I hope that you make a positive ID. Who says you can’t make a correct ID from a photo?! ;))))) We do it on this forum all the time!! :smiley:


Could also be a Topazonite Garnet

I would have guessed Grossularite Garnet, but some of the pictures do look more like Demantoid.

There is also a possibility it’s IDOCRASE ( vesuvianite ) . However intact crystals of display size are rare and thus very expensive. The crystals, usually short and thick are striated along their length.
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I found this interesting link to go along with your comment. Size and yellowish/brownish color are critical to this separation. Enjoy and you be the judge! ;))

i think its flux grown. and ill stand by that…

a long period with decent heat or high purity with decent amount of ingredients