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Calcite Dichroscope


I’ve been searching for dichroscopes for a while ranging in price from $125(GIA) to $20. Most of them seem generic with no Manufacturer Info. Any recommendations or reviews on what’s a good one and where to purchase? Thanks


From reports I see on line, the cheap Chinese calcite dichroscopes are fine, so you can go with whichever suppliers seems best/cheapest. Get a return guarantee and try it out. These are simple, a piece of transparent calcite and a lens, so they should all be pretty similar if the calcite is of decent quality, and such is not difficult to find. The London dichroscope, made with crossed polarizers, is better for viewing parcels at a distance, but I don’t find any of these for sale on line. You could pretty easily make one from some polaroid sheet or two polarizing sunglass lenses, though. About $25 or so should do it for the calcite dichroscope on Ebay. There are offers for a dichroscope, a triplet loupe and a Chelsea filter for about $55, and that might be a good deal…compare prices.


Thank you royjohn. I originally purchased dichroscope, Chelsea Filter and Loupe with cases on eBay from a Chinese seller only to have the order canceled a week later by seller for lack of inventory. I also started searching for diffraction grating Spectroscopes where I found reviews and manufacturers OPL and KRUSS. The later was quite expensive. I got the OPL Dichroscope and Bundle 2 which came with “Teaching” diff grating Spectroscope, Stand and free Spect Book. It came out to about $250, which I don’t mind since I like knowing I have a quality product that will last. Next search will be for a Refractometer, portable Polariscope and finally a Stereo Microscope. These will be considerably more expensive so I’ll take my time. I also found the website and Catalogue for Gem-A, which I guess is the English equivalent of GIA. Very expensive - I think your paying a premium for Brand. I don’t want the most expensive, but I also don’t want the cheapest.


I picked up one recently on Amazon for $20. It works fine, comes with a case.