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Buying Sapphires from Sri lanka by shipment

Has anyone bought sapphires online from dealers in Sri Lanka who fedex over the stone to you? Wondering how safe is it

I’ts my family business so I bring them myself I go back an forth twice a month, therefore its absolutely safe.

I’m from Sri Lanka , can provide sapphires, shipping around the word

I bought lapis lazuli from Pakistan (comes from Afghanistan - producer of finest lapis lazuli)and was mailed to me, non problem at all. Even ordered some Gem grade diamond from india, as Surat -Gujarat is the hub of diamond industry. So Sri Lanka is no different, I have some friends over there and it’s relatively safe to sent or receive packages. As long as you have trustworthy dealer/seller

:smile: good luck.

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You need to check with the supplier for exact shipping method. Not anyone can send gemstones to overseas as there multiple documentation process involved. A business with export licences can send.
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