Buying Rough Tanzanite

I have a friend who is travelling to Tanzania soon and I’ve asked her to see if she can buy me a piece of rough Tanzanite for faceting. Is it possible to get some without being ripped off? If so, any advice would be very welcome.

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Google -Joe Henley rough. He has tanzanite rough for sale here in the states. If you friend doesn’t know Gemstone rough. Odds are she won’t buy something good. Mention my name to Joe

I would advise your friend not to try to buy any rough Tanzanite when they visit Tanzania - the government has banned all exports of rough Tanzanite since around this time last year - if they are caught at the airport with a piece of rough Tanzanite, no matter the size, they can face a lot of problems. Any unscrupulous trader who advises them otherwise while they are here is not telling the truth, so please be careful. I am based in Arusha, so if your friend would like any further advise, let me know and I will be happy to share my contact info.
Best bet if you really want to facet some rough is to source from someone’s old stock already in the states as kknox14 says.

Best of luck!

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Thanks folks. Really useful advice. No way will my friend go in search for some. Just visited Joe’s website, we’ll be doing business. Thanks again. Jamie.

Hello Mr Manraj… Do you deal in tanzanites. Could u share some pics with me. I would be interested in buying some good rough pieces if available.