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Buying ethically cut cabochons



I am looking to buy ethically sourced and cut cabochons. Does anyone have any references? I have been searching online and although it is easier to find “ethically sourced” cabochons for sale, it’s another story to find “ethically (safely) cut” ones, especially since I am not looking to buy precious gemstones ( I am especially looking for labradorites, moonstones) .

Thank you.


Are you looking for large quantities? I have labradorite, and other feldspar var. Also selling high end lapis lazuli and Emerald cabochons. If interested contact me.thanks Matt.


I have thousands of cabochons that I personally cut over the past 60 years. I have few labradorites or moonstones, but many Graveyard Point Plume agates, opals, lapis lazuli and others. All are Ethically sourced and Ethically Cut in my own lab (spare bedroom).