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Buying Blue Sapphires


I am a Singapore based dealer and would like to check if anyone here supplies untreated blue sapphires?

Thank you

Hi Elijah, I’m Jay, my company is based on U.S, my company name is Victoria Diamond Jewelry Inc. My family buisness is based in my home country of Srilanka, so I could supply you with blue untreated sapphire {rough gemstone}. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 1+347235 9604.
Thank you, Best Regards Jay


Please whatsapp me at +6598279974. Looking for unheated blue sapphire, 1-2ct, slightly included quality and above, color tone royal blue to pastel.

Hi Elijah,

I am Thiago, from Purple Craft in UK.
Although all our stones are from Brazil, where I am originally from. We have some stock of Sapphires, which I’d be happy to show you.