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Buying Alexandrite advice please

I just buy this beautiful piece from with close inspection I noticed a couple of cracks on my newly arrived pedant. What should I do. Is the 1/5 ct alexandrite still worth anything? I made a complaint. Should I just ask for a refund? I didn’t ask if they can replace my stone with a un cracked stone. Because I totally in love with it. I just don’t know what to think. I expect so much more from a high end jeweler. Help please. Any advice? Or recommend for another place I can get a alexandrite stone. Need it asap for my soon to be daughter in law. Wedding in a couple of months.

I meant half ct alexandrite

How did they represent the stone in the description?

You state that you are “totally in love with it.” Keep it

I just checked out the link you gave. They certainly appear legit but that doesn’t guarantee it. If they truly are legitimate, then you should have no problem getting a refund or the stone replaced - depending on how the piece was described and whether or not they gave a stone clarity grade,(vvs, vs, si, etc.) If they did offer a stone grade and the one they sent you does not meet that grade - then you have a legitimate complaint. I would advise pursuing that complaint to satisfaction.

The FTC (Federal Trade Comission deals with such complaints.

Anything else. If not, then good luck be with you on this.


Will they didn’t mention that’s crack.