Buying a ruby engagement ring

Hello all, I’m new to the site and I am looking for advice/words of caution on how to find a ruby of high value, how to set said stone properly, what sort of cut, whether I should only consider GIA certificated stones, whether a local jeweler would be a good place to start, etc.

Or in other words, please someone with knowledge give me a primer that helps me to not needlessly blow all of my money on either a over priced stone, or a leaded glass synthetic. I’ve read many of the articles online for rubies and understand there are plastic color guides from GIA to bring and compare stones to. Is this something I should invest in? I’m looking to spend $15k-$20k on a showcase quality engagement ring.

As far as cut is concerned, I read that emerald cut is the standard for Ruby’s, but I like the idea of a barion cut that mixes step and brilliant cuts. Should I stick to emerald cut to ensure the stone retains the highest value, or is a barion cut a good option for a nice ruby?

I have a very trustwothy contact in Sri lanka if you consider their rubys…
Some of the rubys from Sri lanka are very Nice. I do not deal in rubys, but i can ask a lot of questions on your behalf. And I also know some jewellers down there. Maybe I can help you with that. I certainly makes sure that you get a certificate on the ring if you considering buying from them.
Fredrik Akerblom

Sounds like to me you need to do a lot of research and reading about rubies before spending that kind of money.There are several good books on Ruby and some on how to buy,what to look for and you need to be able to rell difference between natural and synthetic.IGS website is a good place to start.

When buying ruby one must be careful, the first serious stone i bought was from a show in my home state, from a seller from florida, his stone was misrepresented as unheated & i was not up on what to look for in a ruby treated/filled, i was screwed for $3500.00. but the seller was id’d by me to his home state attorney general. When i buy ruby now, i get paper from lab to certify stone is good, & its paid off well, the pendent im showing has 6.6cts of certified untreated ruby, the stones are beautiful & legit, my cost of the 3 stones is under $5000.00 & the appraisal for the 3 is over $40,000.00, all bought overseas with GIA certs. Took a little time but the wait was worth in the end-steve…

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Just be careful & get a GIA cert. as there are many cons out there

The Barion cut may darken the stone and possibly create more areas of extinction. I found an image of a barion garnet it will give you a pretty good idea of what a ruby will be similar to.

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Dear sir/madam,

As you have asked for Buying a Engagement ruby Ring, My advice would Go for Sourcing An Natural Ruby , Specially i would recommend to go for Mozambique Ruby by Gemfields as i have recently visited world most Preffered exhibition at Bassel Switzerland. As i am not aware where is your location But would Recommend to buy From Even Designers published in Gemfields website . i have checked the prices compared to burmese rubies , These are really reasonable and you really get the Best. If you need any further information definately I will Assit in a best possible way.


Dear Captcart, I am a primary ruby wholesale supplier with an office in Bangkok for 3 decades, I am happy to assist you in finding the perfect natural ruby with GIA, AIGS, GIT, GRS, Lotus or other respected gemological laboratory report for your ring. Jeffery Bergman -

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Advice… work with a reputable jeweler / gemologist. I’m sure all these replies are all good people and no slight meant to anyone.

I do have a beautiful estate ring for $10,000 with an appraisal by a reputable gemologist. Natural untreated ruby, diamonds and platinum.

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Wow, some questionable advice being offered here! “Showcase” interesting word, what does it mean? Nothing in the gemological lexicon! Emerald cut rubies, almost never seen. Same goes for barion. Most are oval, modified brilliants with Portuguese or step cut pavilions.

If you are looking for a natural unheated stone, a GRS, AGL, Lotus or GIA grading report is necessary. GIA would be my last choice. I’d want one for a heated stone as well. Lot’s of glass filled junk out there. Some stones from the new mines in Mozambique will stand toe to toe with the finest Burmese.


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Hello there,

We are a Gem mining Company based in Sri Lanka. We have been mining Sapphires and Rubies since 1976 in Sri Lanka. Most red gems mined in Sri Lanka are reddish pink in color and when tested are certified as Pink Sapphires or Pinkish Red Ruby via GRS Swiss Lab or as Ruby from GIA lab.

Listed below are some example of the type of rubies that are mined here in Sri Lanka and round the world.

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