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Buyer beware, fake sapphire uncertified online


I went to this website and I found the price to be low and the quality to be good so I wonder what happen with this website what is wrong ?

It is selling fake sapphire, synthetic gemstone for this category. Look for yourself!

It’s not easy to see for the untrained eye but I they won’t have any money from me.

Always buy certified with GIA !

Have a nice day


£1900 per carat law price ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Did you happen to notice the GIA certification in the description? Or, could it be a false certification? Just saying.

Have a great day.


The website is well known and legit, the GIA certificate is real for sure.
The price is super expensive!


I agree whole-heartedly…even with a refractometer sometimes it’s hard to tell. A lab-created stone wlll still exhibit the same optical, chemical properties of a real stone. I have a spectroscope and a dichroscope…as well as a refractometer. If there is a device to check the specific gravity on a gemstone…it would be great…still new to this.


I have to say it does not appear to be expensive… take a look at the IGS retail price structure. For you to say this is a fake Sapphire I believe is not fair. There is no evidence to indicate this is a fake unless you have the stone in front of you and know something I don’t. I am actually a competitor to this site in a small way so it is in my interest not to comment in truth, I do however think your commant is made from the wrong perspective.


As far as I know the Natural Sapphire Company is legit but their prices are very high and the cut on many of their gems not so great.
You do need appropriate certification these days, either GIA or AGS or some other well regarded international laboratories.
Manmade sapphire is identical to natural on almost every test you can do without very expensive lab equipment. They are real sapphire, just grown artificially. A natural sapphire might have typical natural inclusions just as a synthetic might show curved striae under magnification but the SG, under a polarscope and dichroscope you can’t easily sort natural from lab grown.