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Buy rough stones


Hi. I am new to cutting stones and I like to purchase rough sapphire aquamarine and morganite for now. Anyone know best place to travel to and buy stones?


Hi there. If you’re new to cutting stones I’d not start with those. There are beautiful but can be expensive. Have you thought about something cheaper and more readily available stones like quartz or some CZ. That way you can get the experience and produce some lovely results but the inevitable mistakes are not so costly and the air around the faceting machine is less blue. Good luck and happy faceting whatever you decide to do.


Hi Jamie. Thx for your advice.
My plan is to start cut synthetics for now. I just want to stock some rough for later. I am in Thailand now but I find it difficult to find nice rough stones


Hey there. I represent the aquamarine mine from Russia. I’m traveling to Thailand next 2-3 days. I have some samples of rough aquamarine with me both high & low quality. If you want we can meet and I show you these samples.


Hi every one:

If some one need aquamarine tourmaline and other rare stones let me knows…
Gems rough intl.