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Burmese red spinel pendent


This is a pendent of red spinel, 3 stones totaling over 30cts in 14kt yellow gold. Size is 2.25"x.50" inches & the way the setting is configured allows light to enter the stones so one can see the good red color. Lately spinel has spiked in value & is getting a little hard to find-steve…


pics added.


Did you cut that stone, Steve? What is the average price for a cut spinel like that in the U.S., and what would be the price for cut and rough in Burma? If you cut what machine do you use? --Skip (gemw)


As of now, there is interest in red spinel. On web sites Ive seen asking prices $3,000.00 to $4,500.00/ct. for stones less than 5cts, for nice red color, VS clairity, good cut. The center stone is over 10cts, burmese, good cut, a visible window but still a good stone because of color content. I see 9-12ct stones asking price over $35,000.00 for the stone, but all is usually negotiable to a point. I dont cut stone, this is a hobby for me, & I enjoy hunting for good stone at good pricing, deals are there for the taking. Ive bought cut stone from Frank Schaffer of Pa. who has been in the business over 38 yrs. He showed me his custom designed, computer driven, dual platter, faceting machine. He is serious about stone cutting & I have several of his items & they are works of art & almost flawless & not cheap-good does cost, but what a treat. The bottom stone is over 14cts with good red color & the trademark octahedral crystals easily seen within the stone. All the stones are burmese & fluoresce well under UV light-steve…


This would be a really eye catching pendant! What about sze of the biggest spinel? Thanks


The size of the bottom stone is over 14cts, beautiful red with a slight tint of orange, burmese that fluoreses like burmese ruby under UV light, the stone measures 18x14x7mm-steve…


This pendent was just redone so all baskets are the same config. & the back of the pendent is more open for light to enter the stones-steve…