Burmese Mongkok Ruby

I have a 12ct Mongkok Ruby mounted with silver fancy ring. Can anyone please give me an email for gia accredited person to evaluate on this gem? From what i ve done my research is define as a Sunrise Ruby My email is glittercoins@gmail.com 20181209_075118|500x500

Hi, I am Ramesh from India. I am a gia alumni and a jeweller Gemmologist.
The first advice of mine is that you get this ruby certified by gia or an institution of that repute.
Send a picture of the Ruby… Blown up and small…
I can buy it if I find it right for me.

Ramesh Bhalla
Ajp gia
DG iigj
Faculty of jewellery manufacturing… Iigj

My concern would be a 12ct Mogok ruby set in a silver ring??? does not make sense to set something like that in silver. if of course it is a natural ruby and reasonable quality