Burma ruby 2.52carat

Dear friends
I am posting a Burma Ruby-2.52 carat IGI certified no heat.Any idea on price please.
I am also posting an old cut included spinel -8.87 carat, someone wants to sell to me.I got it certified to see its natural Burma spinel. Of course he paid for certification.should i purchase it , if yes what should be my buying price.He is asking 300 per carat.
Thank you all in advance.

Do you like the ruby? I find all the inclusions bothersome. It has a nice color. But all I would notice are the inclusions. $300 carat. Price is low. What do you think of the cut? Do you want it? You seem to hesitate…

Pink IMO on my monitor.

yes the colour of ruby is pink and is included with old cut of Burma , but natural no treatment so will take it.
300USd per carat he is asking for spinel. i am not sure, i may not take spinel.

By the numbers the Spinel is not expensive but the inclusions would bother me. The are just too eye visible.

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Thank you very much

It could use some heating!! :)))

have no idea on heating spinels.
Ruby yes, would increase red color .

Read about heat treating spinels here: http://gemresearch.ch/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/2015-05-Spinel-Heat-Treatment.pdf

The high temperature heating heals the fissures and improves clarity; infusing a little chromium during the heating increases the red hue.

Take it to Chanthaburi, Thailand … they can fix it right up for you in a couple of days.



Thank you sir
thank you for the advise and link for heat treatment

stone cut for weight not good fat belly.lots of inclusions too distracting.better stones out there keep looking.

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The first thing you notice are the inclusions. Then, how it is cut for weight. The faceting is very low rate in my opinion also. The meets are not met. If you are looking for a nice ruby, this is clearly not it. I would highly suggest finding another ruby. The price per carat is good, but the stone is garbage. If quality is not important, and you just want to own a ruby, then buy it, but even re-cut, it will not be much better due to how severe the inclusions are.

I would keep looking since there are so many nice stones coming out of Burma right now at a good price. I know you can do better but if you have to have one right now the jump on it. I would wait on both and do some more looking. If the guy is serious about selling the stones to you he will wait or drop the price to a more reasonable price I do not see the quality at all for what is coming out right now.

Thank you all for your time and advise.