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Briolette Faceting Diagrams

I am interested in cutting Briolette style gems but am having a difficult time finding a reliable source of faceting guides. Is there a guide regarding designing these types of cuts? I find references all over the internet with incomplete designs and instructions only to be informed that the material being referenced is not available. Books of patterns do not show what designs are included and are therefore, in my opinion, not a viable approach to pursue. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have only a slight problem with IGS in general. That being that everything they offer only deals with examination of finished products and basically ignores any information that would benefit someone like myself who would like to work from rough and not recut existing material. Rather frustrating!

Thanks for all your help!

Have you checked out Facet Diagrams they do have several briolette designs, but they take a little searching, I found a few in the ‘‘01 Round’’ shape diagrams, no idea if they work or not, I’ve never cut one, but I’ve used quite a few other diagrams from that site with success.

I did check out FACET DIAGRAMS as suggested, but my problem is that although they list thousands of designs the majority contain no angle information for any of the facets, so there is no way to use the designs that I can see. I will admit that I am a definite “newbie” and may be missing all of the relevant points so any schooling is deeply appreciated. I am recently retired (not by my choice) and looking for a practical way to occupy my time. Any help appreciated.
Many thanks.

On the search page, near the bottom is a box with ''Only show Open designs (with GemCad ASC files and cutting instructions)" click on that before you hit search, it will only list designs with the cutting instructions. When you get the page with the pictures of the designs, click on the BLUE text, it’ll open a new window with all you should need.
eg: Briolette Designs

I’m in a similar boat, most of this is new to me too, welcome aboard :grinning:

Thanks for the heads up. I will give it a go and see what I come up with.

Try “Diagrams for Faceting” by Vargas, or faceting diagrams by Long & Steel, also MDR faceting diagrams. These publications have been around for years in print, not necessarily online.