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Brazilian Sapphire


What do you think about this gemstone? This appearance is enough for reasonable price in the market?


Large low quality sapphires like this are typically available for $1/carat or less


For a gemstone to be of value it should be desirable. An opaque stone of grayish-blue color is not desirable.


Dears, I am thankfull for your opinion, then I am sending other 3 pictures (2 pieces) for your evaluation.

Mario Canevello


Mr. Jbergman

I visited a few websites on the internet about sapphire and discovered that you like different types of sapphire. I recently had an interest in sapphire and research, to answer a question “Why in Brazil is there no sapphire in high quality?” In fact, this statement is not correct because several people discovered saphire here, but in small pieces or geudas, and in the book written by Ted Themelis had quotes about the sapphire in Brazil.
Last year, I bought a piece of blue corundum and cut it, this piece changes to a large piece with cultivation area. From where I visited the place that was collected, I bought and collected several pieces. Starting my collection, there are blue, gray, white, brown and pink, my focus is blue, different types, shapes and colors.
I read about sapphire trapiche, I had some pieces like the attached photos.
ET I ask apologise for my poor english
My best regards

Mário Canevello


Mario, please understand I answered your question based on the photo of the 48.25 carat oval shape sapphire on the scale. That quality is available for under $1/carat. I am aware that there is a small percentage of very fine quality sapphires which do come from Brazil. And your purple trapiche is quite lovely. Ciao, Jeffery


As a gem dealer and collector, I would not buy any of the stones in the Photos posted. I have seen a lot of material like this and it’s not hard to fine. The only real piece that I would even be remotely interested in could be the Trapiche, but then again, I really never have liked Trapiche’s. Being my favorite gems are Emeralds, I’ve seen some really nice Traphiche Emeralds and even then, I’d still not buy them, either for sale or collection. It comes to one thing, you really have to like it in the first place. They are nice, and I’ve seen many but I’m just not into the style. As for the Sapphires showing, I would consider them junk. Some say they are Sapphires, and that may be so, but even at $1.00 you’d have a hard time selling it to me. Even if it was 50 Cents for a 100 lbs of it; I’d still pass it up; as I noted, it’s junk and many of the stones, I’ve seen come out of Brail, particularly in the Sapphire Corrundum ranges, and Emeralds, Id place it into the same category, low-grade. Even with nice products, out of Brazil, I am fully aware the 80% of the materials and more are heated and treated in one fashion or another; it’s just a fact of life. For good reason. This is not to say I have anything against, Brazilian dealers, or folks; it has nothing to do with it. But it does have to do with Junk. In my opinion the only gems I might consider from this region, may be the Amethyst and I have 10s of 1000s of cararts of them and others. But as I noted previously - 95% or more has been heated. I would not buy from dealers who deal with low-grade junk as the blue sapphires shown in these photos. If they are willing to sell me garbage, then how can I trust them when they say “100% Natural Earth Mined.” You can’t. It’s doubtful they even know what that word is. Much like many Chinese dealers hitting up Ebay and other sites. Have a great day - but I would not buy this junk.


These stones didn’t receive heat treatment, the color is natural, I prospected and cut them

For me your opinion is not important because is not true.



Just to clarify I was not referring to the fact that your stones would have been heat treated, or treated by other means. And looking at them I’m sure that is the case. What I am referring to however, is that the Blue Sapphires seen are not what I would call “Gem Quality.” Which are very low grade which as a gem dealer and collector I would not even bother with. The simple fact of the matter is that they are available all over the place like this. Even if they were heated, or had other enhancements, I doubt that it would change them much anyway, and why bother as the cost for doing so would far outweigh what you would get out of them. That being said, the Blue Sapphires is not uncommon quality for many stones that come out of Brazil, or other places like Afghanistan and many other localities. I’ve seen this quality far too many times to count and would not consider them; irregardless of them being natural, un-enhanced or not. Just a simple search of sites like Ebay will show you many of the same.


One reason why these gems, the blue sapphires showing are not good quality is readily apparent if you have ever set gems like I have. They would be nearly black when doing so, even with good quality settings, they would not have much attractiveness if any and it would be a guess as to whether or not they were even blue. Refraction of light and other optical properties are important when it comes to looking at gemstones. How they will look in a setting is a crucial part of the whole show and as other posters have noted, they are low quality and one reason this can be the case is that they do not contain the optical properties that are needed for “gem quality” materials; and to change any properties or try to perfect on the ones shown would far outweigh as noted, the cost of sales. As I noted, I have seen this type of quality 10s of 1000s come out of Brazil. To me as noted; they are considered “junk.” It’s that simple.


The value of any gemstone is tied to its beauty, desirability and rarity.
Your sapphire, while large, is basically opaque due to inclusions.
This is not what people buying sapphire want or find attractive. So that combined with the vast vast quantity of low grade sapphire around, it’s very common. The advice from experienced gem collectors is accurate, it’s not worth much because very few people would want to buy it.


Ok, thanks for your opinion