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Brazilian Emeralds, some help

Hi there, a friend asked me an opinion about selling this lot of 84 stones 96ct Brazilian Emeralds. Could someone help with ideas/insights of range selling price?
I know that he will need to take to an appraiser but at least he will have an idea of price range!
Many thanks.

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First thing to do, classify by quality, as I see at least 3 different types. These emeralds amost certainly come from Serra da Carnaiba/Bahia

This lot, 68,40ct was recently offered at 200$/ct here in Bahia. Too expensive, imho, but some people woud pay this amount.

Hi there, thank you for you comments and suggestions. Very helpful.

This commercial goods from Brazil worth for the all lote usd 180 to 220 not only the quality. But the origin is a legal mine and they issued invoice and explored under Brazilian Law one the topic of symposium GIA 2018 origin