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Blue Star's melee sapphire and ruby for B2B

Hello IGS community,

We are a corundum cutting manufacturer / wholesaler from Bangkok, Thailand specialized in cutting small size corundum with calibration service for selective purchase.

Our company name is Blue Star Trading Co., LTD established since 1987.

With sophisticate color system allowing oversea clients to precisely work with us.

Our products
Round diamond cut, ovals, square princess, marquise, pear, trillion, fan, heart

Available Size
Round diamond cut 0.80mm - 3.50mm
Square princess cut 2.5 - 3.5mm
Oval step cut 4x3, 7x5
for other shapes please send inquiry.

We grade our stones into 2 cut grade (for round) and 3 clarity level.
Cutting - Regular, and fine cut
Clarity Grading - Commercial, eye-clean, and loupe clean.

Our factory

For more info more please visit our website or instagram page.