Blue sapphire


Hi Gemslovers…
I’m Hans, I would like to asking How to treatment for blue sapphire stone correctly?

I have one, and I think this is african blue sapphire.
and what the simple treatment for blue sapphire to make clarity and fine colour ?

Dear sir
Heating this blue Sapphire in reducing environment would increase the colour of the gem. Heating in air would reduce the colour so please make sure that the stone is heated in reducing environment only. Further the rate of heating , rate of cooling, the maximum temperature reached and the halt at the maximum temperature play major role on both color and / clarity. Expert hands are needed for the experiment or else the gem gets spoiled. Please read Heat treatment of rubies and sapphires by Kurt Nassau and also heat treatment of Rubies and sapphires by Ted Themelis


Thanks for your information about heating blue sapphire,
any suggest about simple treatment by oil? or chemical maybe?

Thanks before…

Dear sir
You may keep it in oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is a powder. Put two teaspoons of oxalic powder in 50 ml water.Once the powder dissolves , you can put the Sapphire in it. Keep the reaction in a glass beaker, beware it is not a metal. The reaction will be very slow but you can get some improvement in blue colour only after say a week or fortnight. The improvement will be very small that can hardly be visualized with the unaided eye. You can only measure the increase in colour by color flex colorimeter prepared by Hunter Lab USA

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Hope to hear from you soon!!.

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I think the color of your sapphire is beautiful, maybe you can improve the appearance only with polish.