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Blue sapphire


I am New , never seen such a stone, I was wondering if someone could offer advice if it’s worth getting checked.


Looks like a possible huge piece of corundum, but the color looks too deep and consistent to be not treated. Where did you get it? I don’t know what you paid but know that US lab reports are costly.


I found it on ebay
i paid maybe $100 for it. I was thinking if it was faked then $100 is a nice novelty piece.


Hi the Certificate states it is a Blue sapphire you can check the certificate at the web address at the bottom of the photo and yes I would get a second opinion on it as it is a large cut specimen
hope this Helap


That is where i got the picture of the certificate, and i have the original with me, and the stone. Yes I think your correct, it may be worth getting looked at. Thank you so much.


I have some huge beryl which is misspelled spelled bervl. I may get checked also.


I’ve seen that also, trust me Ebay isn’t here you are going to get rick with out a lot of luck and discipline. i was buying some rubies and sapphires today and saw that same item for bid like 10 auctions so I’m just assuming but you know about assuming


Sorry to say this, but I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for the stone but it is more worth paying the fee to an American lab to find out exactly what it is and how it’s treated.



Please note these stones are extremely heat treated. Also these stones have large inclusions so outside substances are added at the time of the heat treatment to fill the inclusions.

Otherwise untreated sapphire of that size will be collector grade stone.

As per makaturquoise - "True " some labs reported cannot be trusted.

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