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Blue Amethyst - Is this correct


I have just read an interesting article by Donald Clark, CSM IMG
"What is the Average Gemstone Faceting Yield?"
One of the photos which you see below

The photo contributed: Amethyst by - Todd Petit
This is the first time I have seen Blue Amethyst - I have always believed that blue in Quartz is not formed by natural causes, in other words this looks as if has been treated or dyed.
Is this correct? And if it is, shouldn’t this been shown as a treated Amethyst as to me this is not natural.
Maybe I am wrong!


According to the photographer on Flickr, this is a very blue purple.


Hmm! I Must admit I have never seen anything like this colour in any amethyst, however, it looks as if I have been proven, wrong. Deep purple/blue still doesn’t gel with me though.
Thank you for the clarification, even at my age I am still learning.
Trev :flushed:


Is it possible that that the white balance was off on the camera, turning the light more towards the blue spectrum? Just an observation because the the whole picture seems more blue than normal.


Hi toumaline

The Primary Color of amethyst is Purple
i think its a modifiy color, Like bluish purple or Violetish Purple
Other Consideration Is , Camera Factor Or photography Lighting always give diferent result,.


Hi Frendy,
Yep! I agree with you. Blue Amethyst is a contradiction of colour.


not so.How about blue with RED flashes?Have in my collection.


Montezuma Amethyst is a Blue color Amethyst I just purchased some set in jewelry from a high end reputable jeweler. He said he bought it from a collector very rare not mined in over 10 years.


I shall discus this matter with experinced gem dealers and will let you know.