Black diamonds?

Hello everyone , I’ve been offered these stones online . Seller claims thy are black diamonds and scratch ruby stones . They need to be tested of course , but do they look like black diamonds to you ? Appreciate your feedback ,

:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :dotted_line_face: Good morning dear reader. To be very honest there friend I would not do it. They don’t look like black diamonds to me but as I always say you can never really tell from a picture. So maybe sake them to send you some info like a lab result and a video of the testing being done with a hi quality tester as well as the current date on a news pepper, or to give you substantial evidence that it is actually diamonds but as it stands it really dose not look like the wright thing to me.
Best regards Jarryed form ( Bijoux De Valour)

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can’t tell with certainty anything from a picture. carborundum grinding stones, aka moissanite with 9.25 mohs and cubic boron nitride. 9.5, will both scratch corundum/ruby… why the fad is black diamonds is unfathomable to me… probably because they are cheaper than white and were still diamonds. black diamonds also slightly softer than white due to internal microfractures… requires more than scratch testing to determine physical properties to confirm that they are diamonds… natural blacks that are transparent are rare… 90% of mined diamonds are industrial grade as are an estimated 90% of lab created diamonds… I have to agree with Bijoux de Valour that I would not buy anything without proof of what the seller claims them to be… that includes further testing of physical properties, since opaque diamonds are difficult to assess optically…as well as proof of being natural and not lab created stones. Caveat emptor!!!
By the way, how much is the seller asking per ct? Not much I hope!