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Birthstones Article, Part 1 of 6

Hey everyone, I thought that a number of people in here would be interested in our article about birthstones. :slight_smile:

This is Part One of a SIX part, SUPER in depth look at Birthstones. Massive thanks to Yagé Enigmus for his amazing work on this, together all six parts will be almost certainly be the most comprehensive guide to birthstones available online!

Thanks and blessings to you all!

“A portion of the stones within the ‘Traditional Birthstones’ list are also regarded as being some of the twelve biblical stones mentioned in descriptions of the high priest’s breastplate of ancient Jerusalem found in the Old Testament; interestingly, there is a connection between these stones and the development of European birthstone traditions. Due to nuances within translations of some parts of the original Hebrew descriptions, and the presence of similar issues in translations of the Greek version of the Old Testament that soon followed, there has long been disagreement among scholars as to what a number of the stones named in the Old Testament actually are. Consequently, one may find more than one version of this list, or may find a list that includes all stones thought to match the language used in the original Hebrew and Greek descriptions of the high priest’s breastplate.”


Thank you for this article, it was very interesting to read

Thanks Coco99! The writer is a friend and business associate, he’s a young guy and truly a born educator!

He’s done a 6 part birthstone series, and is currently working on some more material. I will be sure to share as they get published.

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Hey! nice read! Especially about all that history on birthstones from different cultures.
We had post here as well from our content writer who also explains the definition, history, standardisation etc. Birthstone information.