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Best and cheap equipment?


Hello everybody
Can IGS or any one know advice us about best and cheapest instruments for test gems like microscope…




There is a golden rule…

You get what you pay for. That means if you buy a gemological microscope cheap from ex India you can be sure that the quality is thereafter. I use a Breukhoven Stereomicroscope for around 250$. Then i have modified it myself. Created darkfield and polarisation filter. Bought a gemtweezer and connected it to the scope. Instead of paying around 2500$ for a quality gem microscope i have spent 300$ on the scope and it works just fine.




Thanks my friend and I agree with you
But I try find Brand be balance between price and performance so I need advice from someone has experience to can decide that



Hi again.

If you are looking for a brand i can recomend OPTIKA. Optika is an Italian company and they have gem microscopes for a “reasonable” cost. I have tried them and they do very well. A scope from them will cost about 2500$. They are not like for example a Zeiss microscope ofcourse but their quality is ok.




Thank you so much My friend

Best regards


Contact Mary at Boli Optics, she is the CEO. is the email. You can also Google “bolioptics” for their website url as well. They have an online catalog too. Tell her that “Michael” from The Diamond Grader Lab referred you. I have two units from her and she provides excellent customer service and support.