Best alternatives to sell some or all of my gem collection

I am a senior with a large collection of gemstones. No one in my family has any interest in getting involved with my collection after I die.
What are my options to sell them at below wholesale at this time.
I have many interesting gems that collectors would covet.

It depends a lot on what you know about the stones’ value and how much effort you want to put into the sale. You will get less if you sell as a lot and will have to make some guesses as to what the collection is worth and then see who is interested. There are various jewelry sites where jewelers congregate where you could advertise, or you could go to some jewelers who buy and show the collection. If you have rare stones, there are auction houses who would look at what you have and recommend selling some individually or as a lot.

There are also Facebook groups you could join which specialize in sales of “precision cut” gemstones. If you are willing to take pictures of the stones, weigh them and measure their dimensions, you can often see there at wholesale levels, possibly higher, if collectors are buying. There is also Ebay, where there seem to be all manner of people with stars in their eyes…they buy fakes off Ebay as natural, so they might pay retail for your stones.

I think you can see that the price you get has a lot to do whether you want to spend the time to market your collection or just want to pack it off to someone for whatever price you can get.

There are online auction houses that handle cut gemstones. A few that I have dealt with and are reputable are: Jasper 52, Hindman, Hampton, and Doyle. Depending on where you live, some have local evaluations of your jewelry or gemstones which will give you an understanding of their value and the intricasies of selling online. There will be a cost for selling in their auctions that can vary between 15 and 28% of the sales price. They often take photos necessary for presentation in their auction. Hope this helps.

Do you have a list with sizes, colors, etc.? I’d be interested in looking at the list

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Afternoon Steve,

Im in a similar situation in that i used to go door to door in the NYC jewelry district but have since moved. I have an extensive inventory that I would like to sell through here since I’m no longer in NYC and I’m leary of selling on sites such as Ebay.

Im not sure how you attach lists here so if you know please advise me. If there are any particukar stones you have interest in I can send you a spreadsheet. My were all obtained through a friend in the mining traveling business so I even know the country of origin.

Let me know abd have a goid evening.


Hi! Contact me if you’d like . I’m an IGS Certified Pro Gemologist. I own a company called Acquire Collectibles. It’s listed on IGS Businesses. I have people daily looking to buy and sell gemstones. I also have a gemological lab to test and appraise value with security certification which always helps sell your gems for more. I have tow emails you can reach me at: and also I have a great list of credentials and references as well . I look forward to see what you have and working with you if your interested.

  • Mike Grimaldi IGS CPG & Owner, Acquire Collectibles Gemological Laboratory
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  1. Imperial topaz emerald cut 76.4 CT’s
  2. Very rare color change tourmaline reddish orange to purple 49.2 CT’s
  3. Auquamarine deep blue 74.7 CT’s
  4. Apatite greenish gold fancy cut 48.02 ct
  5. Brazilian Amethyst 232.1 CT’s
  6. Citrine golden yellow 121.4 CT’s
  7. 2ea White Topaz trillion cut 110.1 CT’s and Oval 64.3 CT’s
  8. 4 ea Concave cut Yellow Citrine, Trillion cut 46.77 ct, Yellow oval 36.32 ct, greenish yellow trillion cut 33.84 ct, greenish yellow 63.57 ct
    Agaian these are all brilliantly concave cuts
  9. Deep blue oval Topaz 31.46 ct
  10. Rutiladed Qtz with black tourmaline needles 23.77 ct
  11. Pink Kunzite 25.55 ct
  12. Trapiche Emerald 1.8 ct
  13. Rutilated Qtz with Cocoxenite needles 6.3 CT’s

Pls let me know your thoughts. I do have more as well

Hi Steve,

Im not sure if your last post for a list was in response to my post “KenD”.

If so, let me know and i can send you a list of what i have on a spreadsheet so far. I have mire but nit all are catalogued. It would also be helpful if you could narrow it down to specufic stones.

Have a great weekend.


Hi @cbass

I’d be interested in some of your stones, depending on what you have. Would you be able to send me a list on

Kind regards,