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Beginners lap equipment

My wife and I are getting into faceting. We have a Graves faceting machine and are looking into what discs are good for beginning this hobby. I looked into the sets that Graves sells but I’m looking for some more insight. Any positive suggestions or opinions are welcome. Thanks.

260-600-1200 Normal Diamond laps. Dlite 1200 pre polish lap and à darkside polish lap.
Cerium oxide. Alu oxide and 60000 dia stick
And you cover most Stones. If you cutting big stones a 100 grit lap will be good too.

Good suggestions by @Clayboy above. I’ll add that everyone should have a Master Lap. Aluminum ones are just fine, as they simply hold any topper polishing or cutting laps you may decide to purchase.

Kingsley North is a good source for just about anything lap-wise.

As you will discover, every Gem cutter has their own recipe for laps, to give an example of this I rough on 260, smooth on 600 or 800 sintered then go to 3000 or 8000 on copper for the pre-polish, depending on the material Moh and finish with 60,000 on Tin, this combination I use for everything. I do not use any synthetics. and I only use Cerium on Opal. All my diamond I buy as powder, no pre-mixes.

The most important factor is keeping your pre-polish and polish laps absolutely flat, this will eliminate the need to cheat.
Secondly develop you own working lap combination and get good with it, newcomers to the art/skill are quick to blame their equipment/laps etc when their hand and eye holds the key to their problems.
Finally cross contamination of laps will do your head in, be meticulous with cleanliness at all stages.

Good luck and enjour your new hobby, it immensely rewarding.