BATT lap or BA5T lap

I’m hoping someone out there has experience with both of these laps. Is the BA5T lap superior enough to justify spending the extra $65? If so, which aspects of it are better?

The BA5T is harder and finer grained. It’s designed for a longer service life in high-speed production polishing. Whether or not the extra cost is justified depends on what you’re doing. If you’re a production or competition cutter, you will probably save money in the long run with the BA5T. If you’re a hobbyist, the BATT should work fine for you.

Thanks for your reply. Not sure if I am using this forum correctly, I think I might have responded to your email address. Have you ever used ceramic laps?

It looks like you are using the forum correctly. I don’t have personal experience with ceramic laps but I understand they are good for the harder stones.