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Baguettes question

What are the pros and cons of baguettes? I’ve heard people say that they don’t like baguettes on their rings. Do you think it’s because of the cut, stone, or placement? Do baguettes have the same sparkle/brilliance as other cuts?

I can’t think of many pros unless the cut fits the crystal structure of your stone. 14 or 18 facets don’t bounce light back well. You need a good stone because there is little chance of hiding any inclusions if the gem is transparent. Some larger stones just seem windowed. That said some people see it as modern and complementary to short fingers.
You might have guessed I’m not a fan. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve never cut a Baguette on clear stones, always considered it more appropriate for coloured stones where you want the brilliance to balance with the colour, the corners of a baguette need to be well protected from damage so this has a potentially limiting effect of the type of stone mount that can be used.

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to me a Baguette, i like crisp and clean but its the way the setting complements it that makes it as with all stones . The bevel edge look from the art deco period is an inspiring time of design that was used in other objects like furniture , mirrors and jewellery . But no alas it does not have the brilliance but as Plato said " Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder " enjoy as with all gems .

What I have observed with baguettes is that the Clarity needs to be VS or better or you can see the inclusions with the unaided eye.