Back to basics synth vs natural

Just have to mention where do any of you stand on this topic? How can we say the material (and I am not sticking up for the existence of synthetic) is near worthless by itself? A dollar on pure desire is poor. Food prices higher for the starving?

If found in a cave was a naturally baked cake by emaculate conception the same one you have at home would you pay 10,000% more for it? If you did wouldn’t it be based off amusement and fascination?

You’re using metaphors here and I don’t completely understand what you’re asking, but as far as the price of synthetics vs natural gems is concerned, people collect and wear natural gems for their beauty, but also for their rarity. Synthetics seem to be priced by their rarity, too. The garden variety synthetic corundums (flame fusion), spinel and CZ are very cheap, probably about ten to twenty cents per carat at the wholesale level because they are easily and cheaply produced. Hydrothermal emerald and Ramaura (sp?) ruby and other premium synthetics are harder to produce, a little harder to tell from natural and so are more expensive, but certainly not as expensive as natural stones of comparable color and clarity. It is supply and demand and to a certain extent marketing and hype. DeBeers long ago created a demand for diamonds, mainly for engagement, marriage and anniversary rings, whereas there are other stones which are much rarer which are cheaper. So it is all down to human nature and desire and demand and “conspicuous consumption.” Does this speak to your question? HTH, royjohn

Thank you for the answer Roy. I am not trying to confuse with metaphor. I am trying to get down to the core of their(jewels) existence. It seems to me there’s too much of a price differential here, a man made differential and not the fundamental one most would like to be able to rely on. Specifically on the majors. I think to the Connoisseur he would agree currently with synthetics available on most major stones that only stones that are not readily reproducible would uphold some value. Gods’ defeat is any value that can be cost effectively broken by science and the insult to injury is high prices on something that can be done to.

Seems hairy ultimately, I suggest we invest in state of the art fracking at both pole caps to mine deep beneathe the sea where those fluorescent sea creatures linger. We shall not stop our ambitions but we must remain vigilant in our expeditions of the Earth for it is obvious we have not found the parts its people require of it.

YeMingZhu can you imagine finding one of these 500 years ago. One would have to have read many books to even have a clue as to what you had . The sense of wonder the feeling of history to hold a real YeMingZhu .Moldavite a green brown glass formed during the impact of a giant meteorite . The sense of wonder is so strong that both YeMingZhu and Moldavite are synthesized and sold all over the world just to fill the market . I also agree with royjohn. As to your (JoranJoran28) under laying question, Nothing can be dug out of the earth that can fill the empty hole some people feel in them selves . This is just my opinion . I mean no disrespect .

It’s not to fill any void Chrisa. Gods’ judgement is bequested. I believe you may be agreeing with me here, actually. RoyJohn’s answer is fine and completely standard. To fill a void is to pay a price on desire, stated by RoyJohn. My understanding from my education is that there would have to be constutional economic structure to actually support a price on investment. With what is currently laid which isn’t much of anything but supply and demand, even price on desire is only increased by demand on supply of the particular stone. Therefore there’s a direct current price on any stone, which lawfully should be known and facilitated like the Chicago stock exchange on cheese, milk, bread, etc…a basis of a current price would inidicate a short timeline at which it would be sold. It’s simply a crap shoot as I see it. Most people want high end large stones at high prices because they only have 5-10 viable educated buyers. You simply can’t attract a general market they shy away for one of a thousand reasons and independent customers in criteria are hard to come by. A great presumption of mass millionaires. Most of the aspect is retail location infatuation.

Again with out constitutional economics drawn and proposed it’s an extremely weak market. I guess it all went wrong when man chose plastic bottles over refillable cantine…if you agree it will never happen in this lifetime I concur. The mere implementation is the difficulty and free wealth is something America coukdn’t handle as a basic unachieved royal law appreciated birthing was long the cause of nothing being the suit of this convention.

Obviously a thesis could be written into an abyss of nothingness but when you all end up wierd, remember no one is a Con they just lack constitutional economics.

I think over tea we could have many fine conversations .Gold ,Oil ,Diamonds boring all on the stock exchange . Colored stones are one of the last free markets . Constitutional economics? Whos Constitution , whos economics? Colored stones are a harsh mistress.

I agree Chris. But they would be our (the peoples) constitutional economics: an audited and accountable way to understand the value of each stone and financial incumbents, structure and integrity for the bearer with meaning to exchange.

I have to remind myself of traditional nature, your “wife” is easy bake betty crocker, your mistress believes in French cusine, Roman military and British castles. You want to do nothing less than invest in your mistress as your wife, your future depends on it. Our current understanding of this “mistress”(gemstones) is flusey without hope because it simply lacks constitutional economics written in press, functions of the estate. Everyone believes in it even in its most futile state.

Back to basics synth vs natural In the future synthetic gems will be indistinguishable (flaws and all) from natural gems ,a person will be able to order what they want . No history , no wonder , just a fad. But there will still be a market for natural gems maybe very small and only for the very wealthy. There are too many variables in the colored stone market for total regulation and that’s the history and wonder of it .

I think you missing the point here : please consider this.

How many Natural pices of rough are found in the world? and what is the percentage of cuttable stones out of that 3% YES,
How much hard work and cost to find them?
What is it rarity = how many found in the world?
now maybe you are starting to see why they are more costly
Than a manmade stone

Just conversation Allison if god was looking out it wouldn’t be threatened by a broken science. Even the claim of work is fundamental pricing. I’m talking about protecting their value within a constitution. This eliminates convincing and activates participation.