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Argyle Diamond Inscriptions

Did the Argyle mine inscribe it’s fancy diamonds from the beginning or was this something that was done in later years? Thanks all

Argyle had a 'Beyond Rare" sale by Tender this year of the best and last of their Coloured Diamonds that will ever be produced, the mine closed this year. I believe all the incredibly rare diamonds were laser etched to both authenticate and provide providence.

Each year since 1984 Argyle has conducted its ‘Signature Sale’ comprising a small number of the very best diamonds, these diamonds may also have been laser etched once the technology was available, you’d need to talk to a high end dealer or GIA to confirm this.

These select coloured diamonds only ever constituted 0.01% of the mine’s production and after around 40 years of operation, there will be no more mining at this site.

To put a perspective on these sales, prices were in excess of $1M/ct


Thank you, I knew some of that. What I was wondering was if Argyle laser etched all the fancies, that were mined from the time they were retrieved. I have a 58 pt. Purple pink that the dealer says was from Argyle but no laser etching.

Hi Denise, probably the only people who can answer that are Argyle Diamonds Ltd in Perth, Western Australia.

Argyle also sell rough, so it may still be an Argyle Diamond but not cut by them, in which case it wouldn’t have any etching. There may be people in GIA who can also help.

Best of Luck.

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