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Are Diamonds rare?


i saw an article that diamonds are not rare, but what about the colored diamonds? or only colorless diamonds are not rare?
Thank you


Sorry to burst your bubble, but diamonds ARE NOT RARE regardless of color. It is everywhere. Just visit a jewelry store, or a hardware store. Research it and you’ll find that companies (DeBeers for diamond jewelry) controlled the flow of the gem and hyped up the need for engagement rings to make enormous profits. Walk into a large jewelry store, you can see hundreds to thousands of them on display, imagine how many they have in reserve? Even colored diamonds are not rare. Years ago, chocolate diamonds were not desired but recently a push in advertisement made them a popular color. But some colors, compared to other colors are more rare and hard to find (but does not mean they are not out there). At a hardware store, you can buy “diamond tipped” saw blades and drill bits for masonry where the tips are “coated” with tiny diamonds to cut through rocks, tile, and concrete.

What makes them rare is our desire, the desire for a certain carat size, the clarity, the color, and the cut. Its only that majority of the diamonds found are not “jewelry grade” due to inclusions, sizes, etc that they do not make it into the jewelry industry.

It bursted my bubble because I once thought they were rare and caught up with the artificially generated hype. Now I feel that it is the cutters that brings out the beauty and rarity of a gem.


Oh, and to add, diamonds can now be artificially made. To a inexperienced person, there is no way to tell which is natural, and which is man-made. And they’ll still sell it to you for that insane price…


Thank you Danny !! so do you think there are a lot of natural red diamonds for example in the world?


Sorry tau001g012 but I find I must disagree. Certain types and sizes of diamonds are not rare. Specifically, type I colorless diamonds under five carats though matched pairs of say D-Flawless over three carats are difficult to find. I go into this in some detail in Secrets (2nd Edition), smaller stones are propped up by a market though not controlled by DeBeers any longer, most producers adhere to their example.

Colored diamonds and type IIa colorless diamonds are quite rare. Small browns perhaps not. Higher quality (FVY) begin to become rare over a carat or so. Colored diamonds of the other spectral hues are exceptionally rare and prices in the marketplace reflect that.