Hello All.

I am trying to locate an UNTREATED aquamarine. I want the GREEN color. Having a hard time, and very tired of people trying to pass off topaz as aquamarine. Any advice or direction? 8+ carats.

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Hi try Steve at he may have some heliodor or know were to get some

Hi I am waiting for the cutter but do have some large Aqua being cut at the moment I don’t know in truth what colour it will be but there were some “greener” shades among the rough. Should have some decent size pieces but as I say am not sure of the hue until the cutting is finished. I expect to know in a couple of weeks, if oyu have still not found anythign then let me know on hello.2@live and I will try to help if there is anything suitable.

Aquamarine from Russia old stock 60ct certified AIG antwerp