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Aquamarine rough vietnam


Hey boys and girls, I was approached buy a man online, claiming to be a miner in Vietnam. He was selling stunning aquamarine blue medium color, probably heated. The problem was that his English wasn’t good enough, so I couldn’t get the intel and info that I kneeded. So I didn’t buy. Then I started reading about gemsources in Vietnam on this site and the information that I got is that there is no aquamarine sources in Vietnam. My question is, is his mine just not registered or doesn’t aqua excist in Vietnam. Does anyone know about this?
Regards Fredrik


I’m an Australian living in Cambodia. I cut stones. There is certainly aquamarine from Vietnam. All the known places are in the north. But check for treatment!! Cambodia also has aquamarine and topaz fields.

See the map I attached


Hi, just wanted to know what you would look for in heated Aqua besides the obvious good colour?? let me know thanks.


Well I want to know if they crystal are cutters or just crystal specimens
Cause I am training to recognizes cutters


Thanks for your intel