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Aquamarine Rough Prices

Hi, I’m looking at buying top quality blue aquamarine rough from Africa and I was wondering what a good price would be per gram?

Thanks, Garry.

If you want double blue it can be $100/gram and then you get over 3 gram. Lighter is cheaper.

And gem quality. Very clean

I know that is under 3 gram. Just showing colour of double blue

are you selling the 2.6 gram piece ?

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I will next week go to the mines and buy more.
Both aquamarine and if I find good quality I will get emerald as well. That piece is already been cut. It will be better stones than that one.

What is "double blue ?

It’s what the best blue is called in aquamarine. Not a scientific explanation but common in the trade. The colour it’s rare and selling fast.