Aquamarine - Inclusion and possible treatment ID

The stone is a transparent aquamarine. There is a two phase fingerprint (first photo attached) and also a “wavy” feature, that appears to be structural (second photo attached).

  1. Has anyone experienced this "wavy” feature before - can anyone help identify this feature?
  2. Thoughts regarding heat vs. no heat would also be appreciated.

Assistance and comments are much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Could it be Goshenite?

Hi, i send one photo of a heated aquamarine.

What makes you certain that this aquamarine is heated? Can we see broken needles? the crystals certainly dont seem to be forming a cloud.
Navneet Gems

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your comments.

Has anyone come across the “wavy” feature before?

In regards to the fingerprint of the very same stone, the inclusions appear intact and unaltered. That said, I have limited experience with low heat treatment, and am unsure how much temperature is needed before it will impact such a fingerprint.