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Aquamarine burned

What should happen when a aquamarine is burned? Mine was accidentally burned during soldering (lesson learned) and it was set on fire. Then there’s plastic smell comes after. Does it mean it is fake or treated?

Aquamarine will not burn.

That is probably not a genuine aquamarine,…aquamarines are from the beryl family and consist of beryllium alumino-cyclosilicates…As far as I know, these can not burn, their formation and crystallization have been carried out at very high temperatures. Unless you have a fake one (plastic) or cracks have been filled with eopxy; natural ones are not supposed to burn.
Hope that helps

Thank you so much for the explanation! I probably got a fake…

Hi. Not all Brazilian aquamarine burn
And no smell at all probability you have a acrylic imitation or plastic. For sure not stone

Thanks for chipping in. Yes, I think we have a confirmed case of fake aquamarine. Lesson learned.

That is the best way to learn…:slight_smile:

Don’t feel badly, the only people who never get burned buying gems are people who don’t buy gems! :joy::joy::joy:

My suggestion, put it in a box to display for yourself as a reminder.

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I love the idea! Thank you.

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Was it faceted or cabbed? Sometimes jewelers use glues or resins to mount gemstones ( cabs typically) and that usually catches on fire and bales and smells like plastic. If the Aquamarine was burned ( melted then it was either filled /treated or synthetic but if its charred and dark but not melted it may just need to be cleaned or re-polished. - Mike Acquire Collectibles Gemological Lab PCG/IGS

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If it smelled like plastic, it was plastic. That’ a case for Police. Next time, purchase your gem or your jewel by a recognized professional.