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Appraising a Color Zoned Emerald


Greetings all (my first post…) : ))
Just received this stone from a client to appraise. A couple of questions to you gurus: having never encountered an emerald with this degree of color zoning, I’m not sure if technically this is goshenite or emerald. Face up it is a nice, saturated med lt bG, but viewed at any other angle, has a personality disorder! I would say that the degree of zoning is about 1/4 but is the face up appearance what counts toward arriving at a valuation (goshenite vs emerald)? If emerald, what deduction should be applied in your collective opinions? Weight is 0.66 ct.

Thanks very much


My gut says you have a assembled stone do a immersion test and see.


Thank you for your response, 707chrisa

You can bet that your hunch was mine too. The first thing I did was get out the immersion cell and take a look; an aha moment with an assembled stone would have made life so much easier, but no. It was color zoning…


Sorry did not mean to doubt you, this is an Interesting stone would have liked to have see the rough. The cutter did his job and maxed the yield :smiley: