Anyone interested in an IGS WhatsApp group?

Great community here, just wondering if anyone would be interested in an IGS WhatsApp group? Happy to start one, and add anyone interested…



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Hi Brad, yes I would sign up

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Hi Brad,
Yes, that is a great idea.

I would join for sure

I would try it…participation going forward would, frankly, depend on the quality of the discussion. Very happy to help, but if it is completely repetitive newbie questions, you will find that those with some knowledge will go elsewhere. I am on several reddit groups in non-gem topics and there are specific rules (which are not always followed, but somewhat) about looking at previous posts and when posting, say a musical instrument, for ID, you must provide certain data. The groups are only as good as the people who observe procedures and they have the need for an occasional admin to steer the discussion back on track. I don’t find the chat format, where you have to go back over many comments to get the gist of the discussion and are likely to miss something, ideal. It provides instant answers, but often degenerates into cacophony and chaos. Just sayin’…-royjohn