Anyone experienced with boulder opal?

Hi I know a little about boulder opal but certainly not an expert, most of the boulder I have seen or worked with has come from Western Queensland Australia, Quilpie and Yowah region
what is your interest thanks.

Yes about 13 years ago I purchased a large lot of beautiful boulder opals I finally can work on them I am finding many fossils, Coober Pedy lightening ridge and the Yowah which are really fabulous. I am confused sometimes on how far to take the opal itself. The more I read the less I know! Some seems to be very rare now a days and need more info on gently
e technique on cutting and polishing. Each one is unique. I have a good 5 varieties of Australian Opal. Even the crystal shells I will load up some pictures.

Great thanks it can be very tricky to get the best colour, you can go just that little but too far and start loosing colour