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Anybody helpe-me? what the difference between aquamarine and blue morganite?


I was in Minas Gerais last year and I bought and found several spieces of blue morganite. What the difference between them? Are really the same? Aparently the stones are different.


both are bayrel group aqua is in natural color but blue morganite is in actual goshonite which is colorless always and after heating its goes to blue color …


I understand Morganite to be pink, peach or violet colored beryl. Manganese colors it.


Yes, Morganite is weak redish. Untill now I only saw Morganites with stripes on the surface and in the shape is not hexagonal. Bellow I put photos of morganite that I catched in Minas Gerais/Brasil. Maybe I’will return there this year, and can collect other samples. I don’t Know, but miners identified blue morganite and acquamarines as different specimens of gemstones.


I’m a novice. My understanding is blue morganite doesn’t exist.


In fact I don’t know and I did this question because the cristal is different and I hope somebody answer. I found a paper with similar situation between emerald and acquamarine " "



The second last picture shows both green and blue beryl in the same 6 sided crystal. (hexagonal).
How are these crystal structures different?


Apparently it’s the same cristal, green and blue emerald. And it’s happened with morganites pink and blue. In the same stone maybe exist both gemstones. It’s only curiosity, and I think is rare!


I have the same biocolor in aquamarine and morganite 1523209352199372634800


Beautiful stone!


it’s a big crystals and it’s for sale 300$ only


Maybe is Brazilian stone and IAm Brazilian and I had several stone like this. But it’s beautiful. I have several stones an md sometimes I think, why I bought these several stones! Good night!