Anybody have idea with this kind of Ruby

Hey !!! I would like yo share pictures of this piece of Ruby I found it in place called Ruaha. The local miners found it in river on new deposit, I want to know if anybody have idea with this kind of Ruby bcoz I used to know Ruby from second deposit and not primary. Inside has couple inclusions of feathers but it’s not deep just shallow to leave stone with the portion it’s weight is 1.90gram and I have took it to the lab for testing and told me its corundum type but they couldn’t confirm if it natural or synthetic bcoz of it’s top layer couldn’t allowed them to see inside through :microscope:

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the lab wasn’t able to immerse it in a high refractive index liquid to see inside?
synthetic rubies have been known to be tumble polished rough and sold as alluvial rubies.
synthetics have inclusions that are characteristic of the method used to grow them. Growth lines are also different from natural. One way to see inside is to have a small window cut on the stone. the stone is irrregular and would have to be cut anyway.


I think they haven’t done that, but they cut it and polish to see inclusions inside but still they couldn’t given me the answer, so that they want me to recut and polish then they’ll be able to tell me. But what I see it’s shape and surface texture tell me it’s natural. But also it doesn’t have any synthetic lines to show any type of grown. It has 3 inclusions like cleavage but it’s shallow didn’t separate the stones a part. I have checked it with UV light it show me fluorescent of natural

If you think that it’s valuable which it could be, I would send it to the nearest GIA certified lab for a definitive analysis. The GIA won’t give you valuation but will give you quality parameters.

Ok, thank you

No problem…GIA labs may cost more but are the gold standard. It’s worth it. just make sure that it is GIA and is certified.

Hi bro where are you location it’s can get ruby or sapphire?

I wouldnt imagine its natural, just from the look of it on the surface. The recesses are far to clean, and show very little abraision. For a ruby to be that smooth, the whole ruby would be worn equally. Take to a reputable gemologist or purchase some glycerin and look at your stone under magnification.

G.I.A. Dosent even stand by their report! I would not purchase a report from G.I.A. they clearly disclose that no inspector, report preparer, or G.I.A. itself stands by the accuracy of their reports!

I’m in Tanzania, yes you can get ruby and Sapphire. How about you where are you?

Yes, it’s not natural one, I have cut a little bit to spot inside and found some synthetic grown inclusions. Those were smart to made that kind of stone :sweat_smile:

That’s sounds crazy from reputable lab to give you kind of results!!

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Are you interested in buying sapphire or ruby? Do you know sapphire from Umba valley or Tunduru? Those deposits is among of deposit produce unique gems on the market.

Songea maybe

Sure, Songea produce good quality stones

That seems odd the lab ciukdnt tell.

agree that it’s odd. there’s a lot of synthetics that are tumble polished and sold as natural. The inclusions should tell natural from synthetic and also what kind of synthetic, eg. hydrothermal versus flux fusion.

The identity of the stone can be proven in its current state by measuring its SG and in particular with
the XRF spectroscope.

It could be spinel

That’s surprising whi do you recommend to send gemstines to?