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Any brazil company which sold rough faceting amethyst , citerine and amertine


Kindly let us know any brazil company which sold rough faceitng citerine , amethyst and amertine


I purchased some from a company in URUGUAY. They were at the Tucson Gem Show at the GLW show. I have their information at home. Let me know if you want it and I can email you over the weekend.


yes, you can send me detail at


Can supply citrine


Please let us know the detail regarding rough faceting amethyst, citerine and amertine. We are waiting for your reply.


sorry for the delay. I did not see your email for some reason.
the company is Uruguay Minerals
Marcos Lorenzelli, Director


hello, im Brazilian maybe i can help you


Yes sure. Can you give some detail.


Hi Suhail, I am brazilian geologist. So, I have rough amesthyst and citrine from Brazil, that are among the best in the world. I have brief summary about location, size, quality and price. Send me an email for more information

Thank you!