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Antique Mediterranean coral value and identification


I need information on antique Mediterranean coral, value and how to identify this coral from other coral specie. Any information will be appreciated.


Hello my name is Alicia and I am currently enrolled at George Brown College for Gemmology and from what I understand , Mediterranean coral is white pink or red and has a finely-ridged structures on the longitude stems that are visible as fine corrugations running along the length of the branches (if you have a rough sample) if not the hardness=3.5 and sg=2.65 compared to black or golden coral which has a hardness of 2.5-3.0 and a sg of 1.37. The most common imitations i have come across are glass , dyed marble and reconstructed coral which can all be ruled out by visual inspection *but becareful that dyed marble may exhibit a simillar granular structure as corals calcite grains - hope this helps and if you find out any other methods of identifying I would be really excited to hear about them :slight_smile:


Alicia, thank you for your input.