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Alternative faceting patterns

I am trying to cut citrine or quartz for an emerald style square or rectangle thick enough to be top drilled on the girdle to mount a setting for a pendant and would prefer that the pavilion and crown have the same cuts so the pendant can spin and show the same face. Does anyone have a suggestion for a faceting diagram that might work?

Duplicate an Emerald cut, but for a pendant you have a choice of either 2 tables or 2 keels.

As you are having a wide girdle to allow for drilling, I would suggest 2 tables working with 3 steps based on the normal pavilion cutting angles, 44 girdle, 42 main but then add a third at 26 preceding the table, or you could try 40 being quartz critical angle.

The process would be simple, cut one side, transfer then cut the second side the same. I suggest trying on some quartz jelly bean first to see what works the best before going to the bigger piece.

Greatly appreciate to quick response. I will give it a try and let you know how it worked. Thanks again

Here’s an alternative that I think would work great for you. Check out a Jeff Graham design called
Pillow (Check50.JRG).
It’s a checkerboard that is intentionally cut the same on both the crown and pavilion, and it will tolerate a thick girdle without looking strange. I’ve used it in several situations where I had either very thin, or very saturated rough, but I’m about to cut some peridot with this design. It makes a beautiful stone which is square, with clipped corners. Take a look. I think you might like it.

Thanks for the suggestion LKB. I will check it out and post my results.