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Alexandrite pics under LED & incandescent light


This a work in progress, getting photos of the pendent in recommended lighting, LED then 2 candles…3 pics-steve…


As you may know, Alexandrite was first described in candlelight and that is partly responsible for the myth that the gem changes color from ruby red to emerald green. Candlelight tends to be about 1500 kelvin whereas normal incandescent is 2800. As the temperature drops light moves toward red.

What is the source of your gems. They appear almost chocolate brown on my monitor



Richard, if i may, thank you for the book 1st off, im posting a little better pic of the alex in candlelight, the pics are hard to shoot, the stones are not the best but they have been observed & serious appraisals by several individuals in the trade. When u ask source do u mean origin, if so there are russian, indian, brazilian & sri lanka. The pic was shot using only the candles, camera & tripod-for a home setup, about the best so far. The stones show a deep red under UV but this is not always the case i understand-steve…



Richard, of the 4 pics posted, the 2nd, from an older camera is 2 candles in front of the pendent, dark rm, 3rd pic is pendent, in UV light, dark rm, 4th pic is pend, white background, UV light only-steve…