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Alexandrite pendent, new pics

Am posting new pics of the alexandrite pendent shot under latest tech led’s, & UV led, the pics are amazing-steve…the pics show incandescent, led, UV led & daylight…

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very nice Stevo

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Absolutely gorgeous! Could you tell us a bit more about where the stones have come from? The fact that they are so beautifully matched is testament to your diligence.


The pendent is natural alexandrite, cut stones on the circle, 5 alex catseye in the center, over 24.5cts total. The pendent is in 14kt white gold, the stones seem to originate mostly from Brazil with Russian and Indian in the mix, the stone at the top is from Ceylon per a lab report. the pictures are from the camera, no photo shop, the bright red shot is with the latest UV led, im adding a new picture in incandescent light that just throws good color in almost all the stones. The pics were shot with the pendent on a stand, just the light source was changed, here are the 4 pics that are very nice-steve…

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Beautiful stunning pendant you must be so pleased with these pictures. just received confirmation that my stone is a natural alexandrite here are my pictures rather amateurish

Ns, ur pictures show very well, i remember my 1st alex, i walked around the house & my work place with this single stone for hours trying to get the best response from the light at the time-it was amazing how it changed & that was with poor lighting & candles-ur pics are fine. If u take the time to shop, there are deals to be had. For lighting, get a low wattage incandescent clear bulb with a device to regulate the power to the light, hardware has them. Thanks for ur response-steve…

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Latest better representation of what I am seeing