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Age and Country of Origin?

I purchased this brooch with a bunch of other “costume jewelry”, I have no provenance to accompany it. I noticed the stones were not glued in, so I proceeded to check the “white stones”, and the blue center stone. Bingo……diamonds! The blue and red stones, I believe, are sapphires and rubies. It weighs 18 dwt. The center stone measures just under 1 carat. It’s approximately 2” around. The back has a trombone clasp and lead solder marks.
But….no hallmark. I would appreciate any educated guesses as to age/country of origin??
I will eventually get a formal appraisal from a local, reputable jeweler, but unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of qualified appraisers where I alive.
I also have a really great antique and vintage bead collection, and I am running into the same issue trying to get an expert to take the time to evaluate them.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you kindly!!


Looking at the back zoomed into the image there might be a hallmark or old stamp on the back. Can’t see if it is a “5” or an “s” or a “6” or a “b”. It’s sorta faint on part of it.

Question: how did you test the gemstones to determine if they are diamonds, sapphires or rubies? Just curious.

Thank for posting!

Thank you!!
I used a diamond tester, and I also used a gemstone tester for the others. Made certain both machines were working properly with “test stones”.
I really appreciate your interest and reply.
Be well!!

I wonder if maybe it was a costume piece that someone put a diamond in as a way to hide it

This looks to possibly be an American made piece. Possibly Chicago or Cincinnati maker. I have seen pieces like this from both cities. Both with no makers marks. Is that center stone a rose cut? It is hard to tell from the picture. It looks to be about mid 1800’s. I can not be exact without seeing it in person. My mother had a lot of pieces like this and that is what got me into learning about this type of jewelry.
All the best in your search.

Wow!! Thank you, Otto! So informative! I finally found an in house appraiser at a nearby reputable jeweler. As it turns out, the appraiser “decided he was not comfortable giving an accurate appraisal of the piece! Whhhaaat??? He suggested I take it to an estate appraiser.
So……the plot thickens! I will keep you posted.

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Still a mystery, I will update, thank you!,


Then tats a good thing unless he charged you for that piece of information and then sent you to his good buddy. Lol. I have had that happen and then his buddy tells me it’s a fake and offers me $20.00 for my piece of junk. I later find out it’s well worth thousands. At best, he is being honest and is steering you in the right direction. That has happened quite often. I always get more than one appraisal. Antique jewelry dealers will be happy to look at most any piece for you and tell you all about your piece and not charge you. They just love handling nice pieces and hope for a chance to buy from you as well. Most will offer a fair price.
All the very best in this mystery,

Capture 3

Very Similar style:
Circa 1880s. British. 18 K

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Amazing!!! Thank you so very much for your kindness!! Any price realized??

A UK operation. I believe they were asking approx. 1800 pounds which today is about on par with US $, so $1800 asking price, I’d say not bad for a nice Victorian piece… a true antique.
Yours has sapphires which could either be Ceylon or Burmese, maybe have a lab test them.

I just picked up the email and took a look and I believe it is marked but worn partially off. Get a magnifier of some kind and review the clasp area on the bottom of the picture, to the right the next branch piece on the edge of the brooch. There is a mark of some kind as the other branches are smooth and that branch is not❗️
It looks like a number on the end of the mark. K J 7 - or something like that.
Looking forward to your reply,
Owner All Things

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