African Amethyst

I bought this beautiful ring. African natural amethyst. Looks like it’s color changing in different light sources. Is it possible or maybe color shift rathan than change in color.
anyone has anything to say of this character of amethysts?

I have a reasonable amount of Arican amethyst and it behaves in the same manner. I personally think it is just the way the light catches the stone rather than any form of colour shift.

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Thank you Chris, would you please tell me how is the value of the African amethyst compared with Brazil or Sri Lanka amethyst lined up in ranks?

If you look at the price guide you will see there are three types of amethyst, It is all about clolour and clarity the good purple amethyst regarless of its origin is classed as Siberian, weaker colour Uraguay and pink Rose de France. good amethyst needs to be clean and have good transparency. The colour of your amethyst I personally would class as Siberian as I say it doesn’t go with origin. on price. Take a look at the price guide and type is amethyst in the site search bar I am certian there will be more helpful information there.

Like many items, gems will transmit and absorb different wavelengths if they are present, and therefore the color can shift or show other highlights/colors at times. A good example is the Amethyst that can have red/pink highlights and some really unique and wonderful pieces will show blue as in this case. We seek out the blue in the rough and cut it - this is some of the finest and only amethyst that we will buy cut or in the rough to cut…Truly a Royal color…


For me I find that african amethyst is good quality and commands a premium.