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Afgani Kunzite pendent


This is the latest pendent, a lovely kunzite, 19.5cts, appears unheated, good color, cut, & light ability. Framed in 14kt rose gold from gold wire, all hand made-steve…


Steve Greetings and best wishes for 2019
I love your kunzite pendant
Are you selling?
Please get intouch with me on what’s app


Jolanta, thanku for the comment on the pendent, i do get offers to buy most of my pendents-they are very basic settings, usually just the stones in very simple gold settings, they are ‘1 of a kind items’ they can be reproduced by anyone-my thing is finding the right stone at a good price, then designing a simple setting & having my jeweler build for me. One of my favorites is my ruby pendent, all stones are lab certed, untreated in 14kt yellow gold, a looker!-steve…