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Advice on where/how to sell Gems


My business is Burtons Gems, . I am looking for advice on where to sell gemstones, we have our own webpage, advertise on Instagram and Reddit as well as sell on Gemrock Auctions and Etsy. We have a really low conversion rate, I believe our prices are well priced for the quality of the gems we cut.

If you have any advice you could pass onto me would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few Images of the gems we have Faceted:

Well, Sherlock Holmes said, “When you have eliminated the impossible, what’s left, however improbable, must be true.” It looks like your photos are decent and you are selling in all the right places, so I would put it down to price. You might try putting a few stones on the Facebook sites and see what offers come if they are put down as best offer. That would tell you what the market wants to pay. Other than that, it is marketing, that is, telling a story, and developing a name and a following. To price, I always look at the standard commercial sites and then try not to price too far over them. Since their cuts are bad and their colors are usually not as good as yours, you can price at more than them, but you have to bear in mind that some customers, even jewelers, are not that discriminating…-royjohn

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Maybe you could sell them to a jewellery shop that makes there own jewellery. As mention above about the price set a limit and advertise where ever you. Try local markets in your area and local jewellery shops, newspapers.
thank you

I browsed your website. You price in Pound. Have you considered pricing in USD? Especially if you market in the U.S. Your sapphires are very pretty, just maybe a bit small in size. Your emeralds are, well…not the best.(Sorry) I loved your Spinel jewelry and thought it was priced well. Unfortunately the U.S. has banned gems from Myanmar, again. So just be careful in the origin description if selling into the U.S. or we get our wrists slapped. You have lots of other gems, but no rubies???

The U.S. is a BIG gemstone market but Americans are not very knowledgeable .you have to educate them.

I agree, You need to price in dollars if that is where you are trying to market, Watch your price too,Try to stay closer to U.S. prices

All the responses is correct

Hi; another issue, besides the pricing might simply be time. I of course don’t know how long your site is online, but it takes quite some time + also some marketing budget (for google or facebook ads, for instance) to get a larger number of visitors on your site, out of which a certain portion will buy. They will buy however only after they have come upon your name through multiple sources (websites, ads, other social media platforms etc). So all in all seling online is always a good idea, but one needs to have patience and persistence, plus a solid marketing strategy. Good luck in any case

Buying gems online, especially from an unknown source is pretty intimidating. What others have said is all valid. Far East and South Asian companies quote prices in USD, because for whatever reason, that’s a big deal. You might want too look at someone who does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your site to pop up first more often. There’s magic that can be done to make your site pop up before others when people search certain key words. There’s usually a few, but if it brings in business, it’s worth it.